Ask Me Anything with Global Cybersecurity Expert Ralph Echemendia | Submit Your Questions

Ever wondered how security products keep you and your family safe? Now’s your chance to find out! We’re super excited to welcome Ralph Echemendia, aka “The Ethical Hacker,” as our special guest speaker. Ralph is a globally renowned cybersecurity expert, and he’s here to share his wisdom with you!

What do you want to know about your DIY home security options? Submit your questions to Ralph and Sean no later than Sunday, June 9. If your question is selected, you’ll receive 20 credits added to your account.

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What camera(s) are most secure against illegal alien
professional home thieves that have been blocking wifi and undermining security systems? What extra
tools are required to implement? extra monitoring services also required? thanks S Ford

I love my 24/7 recording system, but I think including a deter option would be awesome. A sound from the camera when it detects movement would help to let people know there is a live camera.

What is an effective way to setup security cameras across different floors in residential buildings without spend tons on hardwiring.

I have a 4 camera and home base set ( 365 day batteries) would like to add two more cameras. Can I purchase just two more cameras and can I run them off the same the same base unit?