Arming modes / schedule / widget

Hi there all.

I’m just having a play around with the schedule g side of things to see if it will extend the battery life as I don’t need the cameras active whilst at home and I have a couple of questions

  1. How much less power do the cameras use if they are not recording and sending events?

  2. Is there a quick way to switch between schedule and normal mode

  3. Is there a widget available on android to arm or disarm at 1 button press

Thanks in advance



Is there any setting to arm the camera when it gets dark, as it has a light sensor to know when to switch to IR Mode?


The battery cams normal mode is sleeping. When motion occurs, they wake up and record and send notification, so disarming them probably won’t save any significant amount of battery.

The quickest way to switch is the keypad. Just push a button or input a Pin and push a button, depending on your config.

Not aware of a widget to arm or disarm. Maybe Tasker could be used for this.

Ah ok.

Guess it will save a bit on the front, as it will stop videoing the Mrs. taking out rubbish or the little one to school and back.

Just trying to figure out how im supposed to get 6 months battery when its used 17% in 20 days…

How many detections are you getting so far. Eufy calculates their battery life based on 10 activations a day. More will eat the battery sooner. Also, the power manager setting can increase drain if you have it on any setting other than Optimal Battery. Lithium batteries don’t operate efficiently in the cold, so that will subtract days from battery life.

I have 6 outdoor cameras. 3 Cam E’s only get 3 - 4 activations per day. They will last a year at the rate they are going, even with the colder temperatures. 2 2Cs get 5-10 activations per day with 6 months nominal battery life. The 2C’s will probably get pretty close to their 6 months. 1 CamE, that’s most active, with average of 14 activations so far will probably last about 7-8 months. It is set for Optimal Surveillance.

Any time you can save recording and transmitting time, you can trim battery usage. Inital setup and dialing in usually results in more activation and usage.
17% in 20 days is high, but unless you know the number of activations, it doesn’t tell you anything about probable life.

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@phillip.welch1 It all depends on how many triggers your cameras receive that determines how long it will last, along with the settings of each camera.

For example, the cameras in my front yard are pretty active all day long. They’re set at Optimal Surveillance, All Motions (sensitivity 6) with specific zones set to trigger. If I’m lucky, I’ll get 3-4 months of use before I recharge them at about 40%. I also have a few on the side walkway of my house. These are set to Optimal Surveillance, Human Detection (sensitivity 7) with no zones set. I’m at 90% after 104 days of use. At this rate they’ll easily last a year because there is very little movement in those areas.

Now you can also prolong the battery life by setting a schedule. Let’s say if you’re home for several hours and don’t need them on, you can turn them off. Then set a time in the evening when you want them ready to record and send alerts. You can customize them as much as you need…but your battery usage will always be determined by how often they trigger each day (and the cold, lol).

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Hi there

Thanks for the replies, i have been tinkering with them to try and get them perfect (and using them on echo if i hear anything odd / mobile view)

i have them set to optimum battery

The front cameraa has 20 days of use and 253 events, (it was on full sensitivity)

I’ve now played about and set activity zones and set sensitivity to 3 (did get a lot of car headlights setting it off at night)

The back camera has been active 22 days and has 32 notifications (turned the sensitivity down to mid as hardly any movement on the back to see if it conserves any power) most of the notifications are the misses nipping out back etc.

I came across the settings for a schedule yesterday, to keep them off whilst working from home and come on in the evening and overnight.

Maybe its the newness and tinkering about thats done it.

Never thought of the cold, dont think there is anyway of getting around that one.



I set up a schedule on mine for home and nighttime mode and during the day I only use my front door. My driveway and back yard I don’t have them record or notify record during home hours and that seems to be a big help using the schedule. Of coarse when home working and cv19 change then have to change it up. I just added a couple 2K cameras and I’m trying to figure out how to get set up it is strange how the run independent but automation may work.

What i would like to see is switching based on the LUX sensor.

Unlikely my car or house will be broken into in broad daylight as i live on a main road next to a roundabout.

However auto arming when dark would be amazing, the technology is there with the IR switch.