Arming IndoorCam P24 with Alarm Kit

Hi all,
I have Eufy 5-Piece Home Alarm Kit, Video Doorbell 2k (battery) and Solo IndoorCam P24 x2.

I arm and dis-arm my system with the Eufy KeyPad, but it doesn’t arm IndoorCam.
I knew that before buying these 2 system, but I hopped GeoFencing of IndoorCam would be better.
As I notice IndoorCam geo-fencing is not great, I need to arm the system manually with my phone.
This is annoying since I have a Keypad which arm and disarm.

Is there any way for me to link the arming state of IndoorCam to the state of the the Home Alarm Kit ?
I don’t mind using third-party implementation, even won’t mind looking a solution with HomeAssistant just need a direction if there is any way to read with a service or API the state of both system and change it.

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I also support this request. I also and many others need this

I have the same qurstion.

So far what I found is that I can use the following Libraries :

But I would like to know if there is an easier way to do what I want.
As learning IFTTT, HomeAssistant & Amazon Alexa is already enough work, I am a bit reluclant on going into ioBroker