Arm/disarm with Siri or Apple Watch?

I think I set up HomeKit(I can see my feed in the app) and tried asking Siri to disarm my cameras and no luck. Should I be able to do this with iPhone or Apple Watch?

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Does not work. But I have setup my Apple Watch & iPhone to be able to arm and disarm my Eufy cameras. By adding my Eufy cameras to Amazon Alexa and using the app Voice in a can for iOS, works really well!

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So you have to open the Alexa app to do this right? What’s the point of using homekit(and reducing battery life) if you can’t use Siri to control the system?!?

  1. Link your Eufy account cameras to Amazon Alexa
  2. Download Voice in a can for Apple Watch, iPhone
  3. Create a shortcut on iPhone. I’ve created a shortcut to when I raise my Apple Watch to activate Siri I just say Alexa, which opens up Voice in a can app on the Apple Watch. I can then arm, disarm by voice
    “Alexa, arm in ”
    “Alexa, disarm ”
  4. To disarm you will need to create a four digit pin, which you create in the Alexa app, devices, Homebase.

It works, it actually works really well, no problems so far. I agree it would be simpler if Siri could arm and disarm!

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Thanks a lot! I will set this up! So do you not use the home kit at all then?

I did originally but battery drained very quickly. Loved HomeKit allowed being able to turn on certain lights when motion was detected at night. Loved the rich notifications, but Eufy has now added that great feature. I have disconnected from HomeKit, hoping it will improve and battery drain will not be an issue. Are your camera batteries draining while connected to HomeKit?

I disconnected them from homekit since I found no benefit(I don’t have smart switches/lights)

What do you mean by “rich” notifications?

Rich notifications is when you receive a picture preview with any notification’s. Not just plain test.