Arm/disarm with an Alexa routine

Hi I would like to known if there is any way to arm and disarm the eufy alarm kit and change the state withing a routine such as “Alexa I am going out” to have a command that shut down all lights and arm the alarm as it is possible with Google Home

Amazon has enabled Custom actions to be added to the Routines. Custom mimics a voice command. Go into routine, select add action and custom is the last one on the list. A custom action is always the last one to trigger in the routine as well.

Mine is with Video 2K battery doorbell and door sensor. Homebase 2.

My “Im Leaving” routine, I added custom action “arm homebase away.” It goes through routine and arms homebase and starts the countdown to close the door.

When I arrive home, opening door sets off alarm countdown. My “Im Home” routine, I added custom action “disarm homebase.” It goes through routine, prompts for PIN. and disarms homebase.

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