Are you coming up with new smart lock?

Are you going to make new smart lock (traditional) that has a finger print sensor on the handle, I got cameras and doorbell now looking for smart lock with finger print sensor on a handle

They have been going with the keypad version for a little while now - the keypad with a fingerprint scanner works pretty well for me. And it does have a key backup, just a little different key style.

Having the keypad as a backup for multiple misreads on the fingerprint scanner is a real plus, it will lock you out with too many bad read attempts, whether that is kids messing with it or dirty / wet hands. I have never used the key since putting this one in.

Since all 4 of the locks they have released so far don’t use a traditional key style, I would be surprised if they change directions and go down that route now. I would prefer that myself overall, but not using a key at all is working fine for me. If you want a traditional key with just a fingerprint reader, Kwikset’s Halo series has some options.