Are we all just beta testers?

First and foremost - I try and read all the community posts, updates, and have setup two cameras more times than I’d like to recall. I’ve gone through almost every configuration possible (including HomeKit) and scenario with wild and unpredictable results. The way things are, nothing makes sense…

Between Eufy’s app and HomeKit - I get very different recordings (or lack thereof). It doesn’t matter how it’s configured because despite enabling (or even disabling) all of the options available to me, the whole system just does whatever it wants. I’m trying really hard to take these products seriously.

Example: Today I had a package delivered to my front door - a long walk from the street up to right where the camera is mounted. All settings enabled, highest sensitivity, HomeKit ready, and then… Eufy says there was motion detected. Great. Except! It only recorded the last seconds of the delivery person walking away. Both Eufy and HomeKit missed everything up to that point - the truck coming down the road, the person walking across my lawn, moving about directly under the camera, etc… It missed everything important.

I’ve tweaked and tested both app settings and then tried to recreate the situation. Now HomeKit is missing half the events and Eufy is still allowing me to do things that I don’t even have enabled. So I took away HomeKit and tried again (all settings on full blast) - It only recorded the final 2 seconds of me opening my front door to come inside. Ridiculous.

At this point I’m just draining the battery and seeing inconsistent detections & recordings. Is this product really ready for the market? Should I be looking elsewhere? Is it just me??


I would think we are beta testers. Everytime I email a problem they request me to try something, send them pictures or videos of it doing what it’s not supposed to do. I realize you cannot expect every scenario, but it feels like they don’t want to do any leg work.


I’ve completely removed HomeKit (sadly), and restarted & setup everything just Eufy.

√ Optimal surveillance
√ Detection Sensitivity set to 7 (High)
√ All motions
√ Activity Zone set to everything

I’ve been zig-zagging across my front lawn with my dog for the last 30 minutes and I received only a single notification, that lasted for 16 seconds.

This is absurd, unacceptable, and unfortunately awful. I don’t think they’ve done enough to work with HomeKit properly, but I’m willing to give this yet another few days of testing to see if all the headaches are worth the hassle.

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I stated in my posts weeks ago that I believe we are beta testers. We spend too much money to what should have been problems caught before products was put on the market and lets say there was bugs they didn’t catch they should at least admit it instead of some what making us think the problems are caused by us.