Are notifications settings (notify on ring, notify on motion) global or for individual users?

Hi all,

When I set the notifications for the Video Doorbell (ie: Notify on Ring, Notify on Motion) on the app in my phone do these settings apply to everyone I have shared the doorbell with or can individuals control what they are notified of? I would like to be notified on motion alerts but others in the house only want door ring alerts.

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@RobMa I believe however you set your settings on your device, others will receive the same type of notifications. I’m hoping someday Eufy gives us options on how these notifications are reported to shared devices.

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I’ve been playing with this on the Eufy Security app for my family. My wife wants all notifications, from our cameras and entry sensors, and I want only the notifications for the cameras. It appears like this is not possible – any notification setting you apply to the system is set for ALL accounts on the system. This would be a great product addition – make notifications specific to accounts and not global to the installed system.


I can’t believe this isn’t an option. I emailed eufy and they said you can use the App Notification settings to control this but it seems you can only choose the sound the notification makes, not turn it off. I may even have to return my cameras if there’s no fix for this.



Can you please tell me if the selection of tones… are existing tones on your phone? Or does the app itself offer specific tones to choose from?

I’m in research mode to see if this product does what I need it to. I have created a specific tone and imported it to my iPhone ringtone ‘alert list’ and before I purchase this product I need to know if I can actually use it.

(My ringtone i created is a siren sound of 12 seconds… loud and long enough to wake me at night) - my child escapes his bedroom and house. :frowning: thanks