Application couldn't connect to Server and different system versions

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Note: I tried submitting the below feedback privately but got a “Feedback could not be submitted” response… see attached images (this thread image attachment is not working)

i need urgent help. I am in Australia.
I purchased the 3 camera pack and also purchased 1 additional camera to create a 4 camera system.
I have 2 issues i have with my Eufy cam2 system.
Issue 1- Three of the cameras are on version 1.9.3 and say they are up to date and one camera I have is on version 2.6.1 and this camera also says it is up to date??? The camera on version 2.6.1 is not notifying and I cant access recordings. How do I fix this?

Issue 2- as per below image, the aplication does not have access to the server and no recordings are showing.

I have tried the community forums, but do not get any resolution.

Please advise asap as due to the first issue, we dont have footage of my wifes car being broken in to.

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I’m having the same issue.

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I’m in Australia also with the same issue. I’ve emailed support now just sating on a response.

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Temporarily App Down for Maintenance

Some of our Eufy Security customers are experiencing problems accessing their Eufy Security app and video events.

We’re aware of this issue and are working on it urgently.

Eufy Security system is still recording and still working in the background. Once this server issue has been fixed, you will be able to see all the video recorded while access to events has been down.

We know this is frustrating, but please know our teams are working hard to get everything back up and running, and we will update you in the next couple of hours with the latest information.

– Eufy Security Team


Thank you for the reply. Security is a sensitive issue and the communication from Eufy needs to be better in the future.


Unfortunately the eufy Security application device firmware check doesn’t work. Currently, the only way to know if there has been an update is by “word of mouth” via various forums or Facebook groups. The current version (that I’m aware of) for the eufyCam 2 (T8114) camera is 2.6.1. To get the latest version for the eufy security components, email with component model and serial numbers and they will get the new firmware pushed to the equipment automatically.

Whilst recordings are stored on the home base, access to the home base (and thus camera/s) requires authentication via the internet to eufy server/s - this was down earlier today which affected all eufy security solution users. This authentication is now working so access is available to your solution.