Apple unlocks HSV, but Eufy still limits a max of 4 Cameras for Apple Homekit


Apple release IOS 15, iPadOS 15, TV OS 15 with the ability to have unlimited cameras with Home Secure Video if you have a 2TB iCloud account , 5 cameras if you have 200GB account or 1 camera with a 50GB Account on Homekit.( See clip below directly from Apple support). Currently your Eufy app will only allow 4 max with HomeKit. I called your support and you claim its on Apples end to fix this. I called Apple and there support says definitely on Eufy to fix this because its purely the Eufy app software that needs to be adjusted. I currently have 5 great cameras with you all and will for sure buy more once this is resolved. Not sure why you would continue to limit us to 4, being that this is potential money being lost in device sales for you all. Please unlock this so we can see all our cameras in HomeKit. One side of our home is extremely vulnerable because we don’t see the camera ever. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your solution in regards to this issue. If you have read this, please respond so we can show Eufy how this is affecting us and that we are together on this!


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There is no limit. I have 7 cameras. All in Eufy and also in HomeKit.

Ahh… how? Please help us make this work. I just took this picture from my settings page from the Base Hub in Eufy. As you can see mine is still blocking me. Whats the work around? Appreciate the response.

@AbSoluTc Are all the cameras on your Homekit under one homebase?

I guess that’s the difference, I don’t have a homebase. All mine are Indoor Cams/Pan/Tilts. So if you all are using homebase, that’s probably the limitation. With that being known, yeah, Eufy needs to fix it.

Yes. I have been trying to get their engineers to fix this. I would love to buy more cameras but not willing to buy a new homebase just to do that especially knowing that Apples view on this is unlimited now

It’s definitely a Eufy issue. I had multiple home bases to cover a larger area. So indirectly, it helped with my homekit setup of 12+ cameras. However, I’m not sure why Eufy hasn’t updated this…or for that matter commented on these limitations. :thinking:

Adding my support for Eufy to fix/update for this. Just bought a 5th camera, and this is holding me back from buying a 6th.

How is the battery life when turning HomeKit on? Don’t they stream permanently to HSV?

Had I known how crappy Eufy support is I would have gone with another company… Yes, their cameras are cheaper but what good is it if they don’t support basic usage scenarios? Instead of fixing what needs to be fixed, they spent their time revamping the Eufy app’s cosmetics! Eufy, listen to your users!!

I’m having the same issue and would like Eufy to fix this issue. I too have icloud+ 2tb with unlimited cameras. This is really annoying me as I have spent $1000’s on these cameras only to find out that they can’t update the app to allow my 8 cameras to connect to Homekit.

I see that this has not been solved for a year, like many things from eufy. I have already started to stop using the eufy cameras for this and so have my clients.

Eufy, Euffy… your customers demand a fix @eufy_official @eufy_Operation it had been over a year…

To recap. Eufy claims up to 16 cameras on one homebase but only allows for 4 to be passed to homekit. Over a year has passed sine apple lifted the 4 camera limitation but eufy homebase still caps at 4!!! Eufy update needed…

I’ll add my voice to the chorus and refresh this thread in the hopes it will be read. I have 7 of the 2C Pro cameras and it is a real pain that three cannot be properly added to both Eufy HomeBase and HomeKit because the Eufy app has been neglected by the company. C’mon, folks, this is an obvious easy fix. Let’s do it and be done with it. At the very least give us an answer here. This is not an Apple problem.

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Me too. I just picked up a fifth camera, knowing that Apple had bumped up their limit. Surprised to find the Eufy app is blocking it. :angry: Returning.

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So now I have 4 2C Pro cams that work fine in homekit and I’d like to add my first wired camera, the pan&tilt one.
Can’t add it to homekit.

This arbitrary limit is just stupid.

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Bump! Come on, Eufy! You would sell cameras to us who need more HomeKit video streams. Increase the number, please.

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Same problem. Has anyone tried to add the cameras without going through the eufy app? They can be added directly from HomeKit.

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