Apple’s Photos app crashes with Eufy clips

Has anyone had problems using Apple’s built-in Photos app to trim video clips downloaded from Eufy? When I download a video clip from my Wired Doorbell or eufyCam 2 Pro and then use the Photos app Edit feature to trim uninteresting footage from the end of the clip, upon trying to Save As New Clip the Photos app crashes (it never completes saving the new clip). This happens on both iPhone and iPad, both running latest iOS. Eufy Support hasn’t been able to provide a solution. I am curious to know if anyone else has had trouble trimming downloaded clips?

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This is no problem on Android, i can edit every video and screenshot. Maybe you should consider switching to Android :man_shrugging:t2:… just a tip.

It’s a good data point to know the video format isn’t a problem for Android’s built-in viewer/editor, but with at least 29 different iOS / iPadOS devices in my family’s collection, and only 1 Eufy Doorbell and 2 Eufy cameras, if there’s any switching to be done, the choice will be easy :-).

I suspect many (or most) iOS users don’t have problems trimming video off the beginning or end of their Eufy clips, so I’m trying to see if others who do see issues have any common thread that I can find to help diagnose where the problem is.

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Maybe there’s something in the Apple viewer/editor settings that you can change. Have you tried removing the Eufy App and re-installing it, maybe on a different device of your Apple collection?
Can you let me know if something works? I am curious, a friend also wants to buy a Eufy system and has recently switched to IPhone from an Android. Good luck👍🏻.

Just got off the phone with Second level creative media AppleCare support. We discovered that no Apple device can edit a Eufy video in the photos app. We checked on a MacBook Pro the latest iPhone and the latest iPad. The only way to edit a Eufy video in Photos seems to be to export it to QuickTime and then do an “export as” and then re-import into Photos. Anybody find another, better workaround? C’mon Eufy!

A couple months ago someone posted this exact problem. The solution was to trim the first second or two and then the clip was editable. Search is your friend.