Apple Products getting kicked off Wi-Fi when near Homebase

Has anyone experienced any disruptions with ALL Apple devices getting kicked of your wifi network?

Interesting enough, my Windows or Samsung TV products are not effected.

Anytime I am in the same room as my Eufy battery doorbell and Homebase, phones, new Macbook Pros and iPads are getting disconnected from the wifi and going in and out of the wifi.

In other parts of the house, the devices do not do this.

Only in the same room as the homebase. Anyone?

I do not have homebase and no issues with Apple devices.
check your router channels use.
change channels if it helps.

Run a test to verify if it is the HomeBase causing a problem.
Shut down the HomeBase or unplug it.
See if your Apple devices disconnect from your Wi-Fi.

Great idea. I did that and noticed it was still occurring when the Homebase was unplugged. However, when the doorbell’s battery was depleted and was “off”, the problem no longer occurred. I think it has something to do with the actual doorbell itself.

Hmmm… What doorbell do you have and are you able to remove it from its mount and move it somewhere else.
If it’s a battery powered doorbell and it shuts down / device offline due to its low battery there is still about 5% battery power, it just won’t detect motion or record videos, but it still has some power that may just be still be transmitting to the home base.

I don’t really have another location. I was given the motion detection device to help mitigate fewer interruptions. Since I installed my doorbell (approx 45 days ago), I have charged it 3 times.

I don’t think I have the ability to wire it, since there wasn’t a wired doorbell previously.

No, sorry… I didn’t mean/say move the doorbell permanently to a different location.
Just move it to another room in your home or some place outside temporarily to test if you’re Apple devices still get knocked off your Wi-Fi.

I’m in close proximity to my Eufy battery doorbell and Homebase, all of my Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and my new MacBook Pro, intermittently lose connection to the Wi-Fi network. Strangely, this issue doesn’t affect my Windows devices or Samsung TV products elsewhere in the delivery policy house.