? APPLE / MBP App?

:point_right:t4:I​:point_left:t4: wish the Eufy Cam App available to use on iPhones was the same on Apple computers. The one for the Apple computers is almost pointless due to the limited options provided by it. It’s a poor software build and disappoints more than actually serving a purpose​:frowning:

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This drives me crazy and the importance is ignored, during working hours you are likely in front of your computer. Supports response is use the website which is written in flash and not supported even by Adobe let alone Apple. They say that’s how Arlo works too, I’m sorry I thought you wanted to be better. When it comes time I think it’s time to move on, they keep releasing new hardware and ignoring the existing hardware. They can sell it cheaper when you’re forced to replace it to get something marginally better.