Apple Home App - Cameras Not Responding

Hi! I installed eufyCam 2C 2 Kit Cam a few weeks ago. I followed the Homekit only setup. The two cameras have worked fine untile a couple of days ago. In the Apple Home App they “are not responding”. I restared the homebase but nothing happended. What can i do?
I thank you.

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This also happened to me recently. I believe it was due to the Eufy software being upgraded. I had to remove the eufy hub from HomeKit and then re add it and connected cameras (from within eufy security app). Has been fine ever since (even after further Eufy software updates).

Hi @ivanpaloscia. What version firmware does your homebase and cameras have?

If they are showing ‘not responding’ in the Apple Home app, and rebooting the Eufy homebase did not fix it.

I would try restarting the Apple TV or iPad?

Additionally, are you receiving the ‘not responding’ message from the cameras when you are at home on the same wifi or why you are away from home on cellular service?


Send emails for support. I had problems with my cameras and homebase with battery life and connections so I just returned them. I have indoor cam 2k and after a couple months of testing new versions they finally have a solid version that doesn’t have connection problems anymore.