App suggestion: camera zones with (on/off switch and timers)

I would love to see the app support setting up zones for your cameras. I am aware you can disable cameras individually, however, a button to simply turn off a zone such as “backyard” while the kid’s play would be fantastic instead of turning 2, 3 or 4 cameras off one by one and then having to turn them all back on again one by one.

To further add value, incorporate the ability to set times to turn zones on or off, or to be able to set a timer for the zones/cameras to be turned off (not snoozing notifications). So if I had to mow out the front I could turn the “front yard” zone off for x-minutes and have it automatically re-enable after that time period has lapsed. This would save storing unnecessary videos and reducing the battery life of the cameras for pointless events.


This would be awesome!! I would love camera grouping!!