App and camera firmware need serious work

The cam adjustments are non existent. No viewable resolution crop/zoom, no brightness/contrast adjustment, no hertz for power (flickering lights), no microphone volume adjustments, motion sensor needs higher adjustments, no “look back” feature like Arlo and other cameras, and if you turn on the “light” while live viewing, the camera feed stops and turns the light off (tested on 2 cameras). Oh and the ability to remove the “siren button” so it doesn’t accidently get triggered would be great.

The modes are pretty much useless, the camera settings for motion, recording duration, and ability to trigger other cameras on the system to record should be in the MODES, again, not really sure what the point is of the modes other than on/off. Playback is buggy when trying to scroll back on a video, especially if you open the video from a notification and play it (rotating your phone doesn’t work from notification opening either, and the time is stuck in 24hr format in this view).

I’m sure there’s more stuff I can complain about, but I’m also coming from an Arlo system, but I don’t want to pay a subscription so I’m making sacrifices, but I have high hopes that they’ll make the app better soon.

The app needs dark mode, my eyes are burning from all my complaining :laughing: thanks for reading