App alert sound

Seems new update is not pushing eufy in app alert notification sounds any longer. Only default android notifications sounds. Please help.

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Hi there!
I have tried out setting a custom notification sound in the app for my eufycam 2, and it did play that sound.
App version is 2.2.0 and homebase version is at

I don’t know which camera you are talking about, but the app seems to function OK.
Bear in mind that I changes the setting just now, after the update. Could you check if re-setting the custom alert sound solved your problem?

Eufy cam and home base original with flood light. I can’t get the app to override my android notification sounds anymore. Even with default Android sounds it doesn’t allow it.

My android settings are at default. Have you checked whether there are custom settings for the eufy security app?

Yes I had it working for 6 months then the last update of app reverted back. The in app sounds do not work.

I isolated the issue to the flood light notification sounds. It uses the default android sounds outside the app like the door sensors but the cams use the app sounds