Anyway to bring back deleted video? system hacked

My home base 2 was hacked after I reported to the police about a unknown person in workman clothes coming to my house with a fake ID badge. The workman drove a expensive new plain SUV like what the government buys. Most workman don’t drive expensive SUVs. They drive trucks. Anyways the videos of him was deleted along with many other videos.

One of the videos showed him walking away with a small suitcase. He left part of the case open and I could see tools that I didn’t know what they were… I know a lot about electronics and tools.

For a long time I saw the busy lights turned flashing on the homebase2 and router patch cable port and internet connection. The connections were very busy. I gave up watching it because it was taking too much time. Now I know the videos were being deleted

The lights were on nearly all the time with few split second pauses.

After he left I had trouble with my WiFi losing signal strength. I then bought a new router after the videos were deleted.