Anyone else getting random “Cameras Updating”?

As of February 8th, I have been receiving that blue message of “Camera Updating” at random times on several of my devices. What’s odd is it keeps happening to the same cameras multiple times a day. Anyone else experiencing this?

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If the camera is farther away from the base station it may be trying to update the cameras firmware but had trouble maintaining a constant connection thereby causing the constant updating notification

@Tank Unfortunately, I don’t believe that’s the issue. I have six homebase units placed in each corner/area throughout the house. All of my cameras have full bars and none are more than 30 feet away. One of the cameras is literally less than 10 feet away from its base, lol.

What’s interesting is each camera is on V3.8.1.and it’s the Subsystem that I believe is trying to update because the homebases they are connected to just updated on 2/5/21 to V2.1.5.7h.

Edit: Take that back. Two of the cameras are connected to a base that have not updated. So it’s not that either :laughing:

6?? Holy cow!!! Those cams still failing after a hard reset ?

@chefrd LOL!! Yes, I have invested a little too much in Eufy’s products. :man_facepalming:t2: Thus, why I’m vocal at times with their security system :wink:. However, let me try resetting the bases and see if that works. I should have done that first, lol. Thanks!!

@Sobrevilla. I hope one of those just showed up with a couple 2k cams on your doorstep for all the help you have given on these boards ( you helped me many times even if it wasn’t directed at me )—- and a second set of the latest and greatest HB 3 system to beta test (along with some shut up paperwork).

If not… shame on you Eufy.

@chefrd Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad to hear I have been able to help you out either directly or indirectly.

I wish I got my devices for free to “review” like some Youtubers, lol. I really enjoy (for the most part) Eufy’s security products. I think my biggest frustrations are with their UPDATES. Because on the hardware side, everything has worked really well. It’s just those darn updates :laughing::man_facepalming:t2:

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