Anybody have a suggestion for my night vision issue on my doorbell?

I the doorbell is against the stone wall and I already used the wedge to tilt it to the left already by 15 degrees…

This is just a thought and if it were my house I probably wouldn’t do it. What if the brick were black. Maybe test with something black. Shot in the dark :grinning:. We turned on porch lights and left the night vision off. Or brick shows a bit.

I will try it but I’m almost positive it won’t make a difference. The white coloration you’re see on the right is the IR bouncing off the red brick. Wouldn’t the IR still be bouncing off that regardless of the color?

I’m not sure. It may. It was a long shot.

Black may absorb the IR Light. The previous poster is right in that it is all about the ir being reflected back in the camera. Just need to find a way to keep that from happening, or relocate the doorbell so you dont have something so close to it that reflects.

Perhaps buy a mount with a greater angle than 15°. They’re not an official Eufy part, but I think they do what you want it to do and move the camera.

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Any updates on this problem? Or did you go for the larger Angle?

This is a mounting problem. There is no fix for this as it is related to how the user mounted the doorbell.
To solve this reflection problem, one must give it an angle or move the doorbell further to the front. You could always disable the night vision, too.

Have a piece of hard wood made to your angle specifications.

You could partially cover the lens to prevent it seeing the wall or have a side panel to the bell that limits what the lens sees without getting that it effect.

We chose to have a separate motion detect light that comes on which then doesn’t need the ir night lights on. The video is in colour not black and white.

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