Anti Theft on eufyCam2c

Hi, do I need to turn on Anti theft somewhere in the settings or is it automatically turned on after installation is done?

I believe it needs to be set manually. The setting can be found under the specific camera’s settings in the app.

This feature is not on the 2c

This is correct.

While the eufyCam 2 has Anti-Theft Detection, the 2C does not have this option.

Another difference is Night Vision & Spotlight. The 2 has toggle for Auto Night Vision on/off, but it has no Spotlight. The 2C includes a Spotlight, so it has 3 options for Night Vision: B&W Night Vision, Spotlight Night Vision, Off.


Yes I had a eufy 2 and eufy 2c camera stolen from my apartment residence outside. The kids unscrewed the camera easy to do. I filed a police report and submitted the video but I doubt I will ever see these cameras or money to replace them again. I will never buy these easily stolen cameras again. They need a tracking chip like the wallet tracker or key tracker so you can see where they are.

they do (sort of). it’s called a serial number. if you report the theft to the police and to eufy , they should be able to locate the cameras the next time they’re installed. a bit of a long shot but at least some hope.

There needs to be something similar to this for Eufy cameras.

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