Another disappointed customer

After months of reviewing wireless camera systems I chose the Cam 2C 2 camera system and the wired doorbell cam. I was really happy with the door bell cam but the 2C cams were so inconstant about picking up motion and they still are. I have months long email strings with tech support and countless minutes on hold waiting for phone support. I have to say the phone support is very professional just not at all helpful. I still have all of the same issues with the 2C cams. I’m having the same issues as most of you from what I’ve read here. Picking up cars driving by 50 ft away but not a person until walking within 10 ft. I can walk by in the daytime and usually get a notification but at night I can walk right up to the camera and it won’t do a thing. I have a camera in my back yard that covers both sides of the house and the back door. The range is so small on these that I have to be within less than 10 ft for it to pick up me there but will pick up the tree limbs blowing in the wind across the yard. I’ve sent phone videos and sent the logs and tech support keeps emailing back the same things over and over and nothing changes.

Now to the doorbell cam, it worked the best of them all up until it didn’t. It decided, on it’s own, to start sending notifications of nothing. I was getting over 100 false notifications per night. I would send the videos to tech support send the logs and they would send me steps to change the settings that I had already done with NO effect. It would work perfect in day light but go crazy at night. I tried every combination I could think of in the settings with nothing helping, even after a software update they sent out. Then all of a sudden it stopped. Now it works for the most part but every now and then it will do it.

I have ask for the activity zones to be active at night so that I don’t get woke up all hours of the night for a car driving by or to make ignore zones that are adjustable.

Also the battery life is no where close to the 6 months that they claim. 60 days is about all I get and that is with the settings to max battery life. I called about this when the first cam battery ran down in just over 30 days. They replaced the camera but the batteries still won’t last.

They have offered to let me return the system but I’m hoping that they fix the issues alto from what I’m reading here that’s not likely to happen. I really like the picture quality and not having to have a cloud account but I just can’t trust the system to work when I need it to.

Eufy pleas stop pushing out systems before they are ready and work on fixing the systems you already have out in the world.


Send it back while you have the offer. I did and I sit and read this forum and feel better about my decision every day. I can always repurchase if things ever change for the better.


Hows the nest working out?

Great. I would say we are keeping it. We both like it which makes it good. We don’t have a ton of notifications going off, but we have clips of all movement. We get notified for what’s important to us. Thumbs up!