Anker forum and this forum

I noticed there are two anker/eufy communities. Which one is the actual one for Eufy? And maybe it is good to merge everything to one forum?

Now there is this one:

This one is specifically Eufy Security. The Anker one is the more established community with the biggest number of members and posts. Use the search function to find posts and start a new one if you can’t find the answers :slight_smile:

It is a little annoying/frustrating. There are a lot of duplicate information across the two sites.

Dear eufy, please choose either:

  1. Shut down the eufy section from the Anker Community and solely use this site (like what they did with Soundcore). Then this can be expanded to also include eufy Applicances. Everything eufy can be here.

  2. Shut down this site and fold everything into the Anker Community.

Seeing how Anker is trying to grow each of the different brands, probably #1 is the better idea.


@onstar soon the option #1 will happen just like Soundcore community dedicated to audio devices, eufy has it’s own community. I think that is the approach Anker/eufy is taking