Android App v4.4.0_1407(US) Unable to Scroll Through Recorded Events

I am no longer able to scroll through recorded events by swiping left and right on the screen when viewing the events history. I used to be able to prior to this latest update and that was very convenient. The odd thing is the Apple iOS eufy app still allows swipe left/right to scroll through recorded events. Please help.

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That’s my problem too!!!

Why they have disabled it.
It was very helpful to swipe.

Eufy … please bring back this feature.

4.4.0_1407 (EU)

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I completely agree! I have no idea why Eufy would remove this simple app feature. Now I have to click back to the prior recorded events screen, remember which one I just watched, and then click on the next recorded event. Eufy’s web-based viewer is extremely limited and the change to their Android app feels like a big step backwards.

Eufy - Please add this feature back to the Android app.

Same problem here.

will submit a Feedback.

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Great idea! How do we provide this type of feedback? I’m hoping Eufy tech team members frequent the forums.

Through the Eufy App you can do it. In The Help section - live chat / call us / feedback.
I’ve also noticed that on Google Play there are several reviews about this issue too.

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New update440-1414(us) still have the same problem

Thanks JD! Just submitted feedback on this. Hopefully they respond.

I reported this to eufysupport & here is their response:

***Thank you very much for contacting eufy customer support. ***

I am deeply sorry about all inconvenience caused to you. This issue has been addressed on our side by the new app version 4.4.2 which is estimated to be released on Sep. 18th, please upgrade your app to the new version and then see if the problem is solved.

WHAT?? In other words wait almost 2 weeks then download the new app version and see if we fixed it? :roll_eyes:
Unbelievable Eufy/ you have a lot of $ whereas YOU should be able to test the new app on multiple phone devices to make sure it works correctly before rolling out the app to us. We are not your beta testers.

It is odd that they are releasing an app update to fix something that was working before the last update. I’ll give them some leeway since you can’t always test on every phone out in the market; too many variables (i.e., Android OS versions, conflicting apps, etc.). I’m just hoping the next app update brings this feature back and I can wait a couple of weeks.

I really hope it’s fixed. It’s the first thing I noticed since it’s the closest thing to scrubbing through video clips to find motion.

Eufy has now updated the app and the scrolling feature seems to be restored.

I haven’t received the app update on my phone yet. Was it pushed out automatically or did you have to take action to update it?

My issues with the updated APP 4.4.2 are not solved.

May I ask how you received the new 4.4.2 app? I still haven’t received the update on my Android phone.

I would had received a notification from the Google to update my apps.

I followed up with eufy support as my Android phone had not received the app update yet. They provided me a link (WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free) to download the .apk file and installed it this morning. It has brought back the swipe left/right feature to scroll through my cameras’ recorded events.

The new 4.4.2 app does fix the swipe issue.

If it hasn’t been pushed to your device, you can download the latest apk on I have been using that site for several years to download the Eufy apks. When you search for Eufy, they will present you with several Eufy apps and multiple versions of each. You want the Eufy Security app 4.4.2_1438. That should give you 2 choices. Use the one that doesn’t say Bundle or you will get some misc apps that you don’t need.