Android app needs pin code to prevent deletion of cloud video

If someone has my phone after home invasion it is easy to delete footage.

If you delete video triggered by intruder from cloud, you should need to enter pin code or password.

This is an UNBELIEVABLE security flaw !

Wait… what? If you have a home invasion… and someone has your phone? Do they use your phone to delete cloud footage?

Sorry… trying to understand… Did they torture you to get your phone password? Or cut off your thumb/face if you have biometric logins?

Please explain…

Yes and No.

… If you have it on continuous record it doesn’t go to the cloud.

Remove the card and you have nothing.

If it’s on cloud recording… yes they have your phone and simply delete it from the cloud. No torture required because they just open the app and delete it. No Pin required.

It’s not rocket science.

Why would this be needed when you can have a password on your phone that is required to unlock it.