Amazon Alexa EufySecurity skill not triggering when battery doorbell button is pressed

I have a Eufy battery powered video doorbell installed and I am using Alexa to display the video feed and also make announcements on my Echo Show. I have the EufySecurity skill enabled and I have triggers set up for both 1. Doorbell button pushed, and 2. Camera motion detected. The motion detected actions trigger in Alexa as expected, however the doorbell button pressed skill does NOT trigger when the doorbell button is physically pushed.
This appears to be a known problem within the EufySecurity skill since June 2021. Many users have posted issues and the response is that “it is being investigated”. Can you please tell me the current situation with this issue and when it is expected to be fixed. I have many home automation customers in Australia asking me whether they should purchase the Eufy doorbell and I am not willing to recommend this product until this know issue is resolved.
Look forward to your prompt response.

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