All footage in home base 1 deleted - help


I have home base 1 with SD card

My 64gb memory card reached capacity and the home base deleted everything.

My cheap car dash camera deletes only the oldest videos one-by-one to replace space for new videos

The homebase deleted 6 months of videos the moment the storage filled up.

I am currently dealing with a situation where the footage is playing a role in winning a case… And all the footage is gone!

@eufy please make the following updates

  1. only delete the oldest videos if storage is full. Do not delete everything

  2. allow me to download ALL videos in a batch. It would take me 6 hours to manually click download on every single clip. I am not sure why I cannot bulk download or copy directly from the file

This situation has just created a major problem in my life. I felt relieved that eufy camera footage was helping me win a case… And now all the footage is gone

There was not even a warning that the system would delete everything