Alexa Routine not working

I purchased Eufy devices to replace my Wyze cameras, bulbs and sensors. I was disappointed that these ehad to be configured in 2 separate apps (Security and home). There is no ability within the app to create simple routines such as when the contact sensor opens (on the door) turn on the Eufy bulb.
So I added all devices to Alexa and created a very simple routine to turn on the bulb when the contact sensor was open. It will not work. When I use the “Preview routine” option, it works, but when I actually open the door/contact sensor, it will not turn on the bulb. I tried the routine with other bulbs as well and it will not work.
There appears to be a problem with the Eufy Security Alexa Skill.


Yeah there are 2 other posts which reference this with the door sensor, I’ve reported it to Eufy and so has someone else but at the moment we havent received fix for it


I have created a support ticket as well. Something this simple shouldn’t be an issue. I also don’t think 2 separate apps should be required.
Also, it’s not just the contact sensor, it’s both of the Eufy apps.
Tried using Eufy contact sensor to turn on Eufy bulb - Failed.
Tried using Wyze motion sensor activity to turn on Eufy bulb - Failed.
Tried using Eufy contact sensor to turn on Wyze bulb - Failed.


It has never worked properly.

Eufy support will not admit to this - All they are bothered about is getting HomeKit working for all apple users.

They finally admitted it after having me jump through hoops first. This is basic stuff and while the hardware is great, the support and company leave a lot to be desired .

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Been waiting 4 months for the door sensor to work in Alexa skill, simple comand like say door open or door closed…
Support not good at all