Alexa/Google Home skill and Notifications

Hey there, first ibhave to say that I love your Cameras. Great Pictures and Motion detection for good prices.

Today I’ve expand my Smart Home with the 2k Video Doorbell + HoneBase2. Installation etc. was easy. Now I invited my Girlfriend for the Doorbell. Because of this, I noticed that the Notification is per device.

Is it possible to allow guest users to Manage their own notifications ? I wanted to get na notification for motion and ring. My GF only wants to get a notification on ring.

Second wish is to add 2-way audio to Alexa and/or google Home. I’ve bought the Doorbell to tell visitors that i’m on my way but it needs a lot of time to start the app, live feed, click the talk button and talk. So it would be great if i could talk to alexa while i’m on my way.

Third “wish” it would be great if you could make a small device just to talk to people. Like a normal 2-way audio doorbell. So people dont need Smart assists or a phone all the time :slight_smile:

greeting Rigo

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