Alexa commands 2c


New here! I’ve just got a eufy 2c camera, doorbell and Homebase 2. I use amazon alexa and so I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a list of commands for what the skill can do with this set up.
I’ve tried playing around trying to switch it to Away mode but no luck with getting the wording right.
Thanks in advance

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Are you able to arm the Eufy cameras via Alexa? I can view all my cameras via my Echo Show 8’s but it’s slow. I can also disarm by voice via Alexa, but that’s all. Would love to arm and have motion notifications from my Alexa devices.

All you can do at present is arm/disarm the system and ask Alexa to “show you the camers” there are no other comands or functions at present.

You can also use your Alexa’a as an chime for the doorbell which I find handy :slight_smile:

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it’s my understanding that you can only disarm the system via alexa (after you set your pin thru the echo device). other then that you can only view your cameras. alexa support with eufy security is very limited and my thought is that it is only offered as a sales tool because they never add features or fix current issues.

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Do you know what I need to say to Arm the system at all? I can do the other bits and see people refer to arming it too but can’t figure out the wording!

No I haven’t worked out how to arm yet… people refer to doing it but no one ever mentions the wording so I’m clueless!

I have checked the Alexa skills for the Eufy Security app and all I am able to do is disarm with a pin. I cannot arm or change to schedule? Strange how someone has these functions?