Alerts on phone help for home security system

Hi, With regards to the home alarm function how do you select different alert sounds for the different alarm states for example home alarm activation one alert sound and door cam activation to play another, I have checked all Eufy settings and those on my mobile device Aka Cell phone but can only select one sound for all notifications so I can’t prioritise house alarm activation amongst all the door cam alerts. Also is there going to be a separate louder in house siren product in the future? The base station alarm even at full volume it is too quiet and helps the thief locate the base station with ease. Thank you

I’m also waiting for a louder external indoor/outdoor siren, because so far the system is not complete and it’s a total waste of money if no neighbors can even hear the alarm and the siren level is not annoying. The intruders can just smash the homebase and cameras and no one will ever know. This would make the security system complete!

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