Alerts live feed vrs recording

Can we please either get an option or can you change the alert to makenitnso we see live feed when someone triggers a cam? I just had my mailman ring 2 times and leave while im preoccupied if you will. If i had to sign that package it would have been a missed opportunity. I clicked the alert and it just shows me a non interactive live recording. I couldnt say ill be right there or where to leave it. By the time i backed out of the alert and reopened the live feed it was already to late and he was gone. They dont wait if there is no response they have alot to do but i couldnhave spoken to him and told him im coming down after i finish wiping. By the time all was said and done he wss in his truck and left before I could say anything because of the lack of this feature. In stead i just got to watch him, pause and replay the video. Rather odd tbh, if it was an intruder i couldnt even set an alarm off i had no controls unless i jumped through the hoops to back out and reestablish a live interactive feed that should have been live and interactive in the first place. Now I get it some people wont click the link right away. But if the motion is still in progress the alert should show a live feed if the motion ended the alert should bring you to the recording for that alert.