Alert times on my redmi note pro

Getting more annoyed with the time lag when the alert comes to my phone ( redmi note pro ) even when at home postman can come and go before my phone Lerts me. Sometimes 5-8 minutes later . Something needs to be done with the alert times and how it interacts with the internet / phone lines.

Make sure you don’t have power savings turned on for Eufy app. This causes most of the issues with late notification, because it allows the app to be put to sleep instead of listening for notifications.

Depending on Android version, either give the Eufy app a power saving exclusion or turn off poweer savings for the app.

My notifications times vary from 2-5 seconds, depending on network load, with most being in the 2 second category.

No power savings on . If you leave the house phone gets notified as soon as you pass camera BUT coming toward camera it can take 2-3 minutes ???