Alert in the event home base or cameras go offline

Hello all.
Firstly, We’ve had HB2 and the 2c cameras up and running for a couple months and think a quick “Wow” is in order!!
Thank you Eufy!!

Just wondering if it’s possible to receive a notification or even a text alert if the cameras loose internet or power etc…

Only ask because I turned one off through the app as I was working right in front of it and got sick of the notifications… and then realised 2 days later I hadn’t turned it back on hahaha.


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I don’t think there is any way of doing what you have asked for because you need internet and power to communicate with the homebase.

There is a better way to deal with working on a sensor so you wont forget to turn it back on. If you go to app and select the device you are going to be working on, you can hit the Snooze button (bell icon with zz) for that device and it will ask you how long you want to snooze for 30 min - 12 hours. You wont get any notifications for that device until the time expires.

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