Alarm volume too low

PLEASE create a LOUD Siren device for this a system! So far I’m very pleased with all aspects of my cameras and sensors except for the volume of the alarm! There needs to be an add on device that you can put multiple throughout your residence and the volume of a smoke detector at bare minimum! The siren needs to be loud enough to enstill panic in an intruder and the current alarm built into the home base is extremely disappointing! What’s the purpose of a panic button on the key pad, if the alarm is only slightly louder than a ring tone on a phone? Multiple siren devices would be a great add on for the system!


This is one of the reasons I have switched my home alarm system over to SimpliSafe.
I love eufy and all my cameras and if or when an add on siren is created I’m sure I will jump back over.
The motion sensors, door contacts and keypad are perfect, only thing that is missing is probably the most important thing- a decent alarm/siren.

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I agree, I am missing a siren, the alarm on the camera is way to low! It needs to alarm the neighborhood in my building, and not the inside of my apartment when I am not at home. I just got it and not sure if I keep it because of that reason.

I just recently got the intro security kit. I’ve accidentally tripped the alarm several times in the first few days, and have been disappointed. I have a small, 1200 sq ft home, all one floor - a shotgun. The Home Base 2 is in a bedroom off of the living room. With the door to the bedroom closed I cannot even hear the alarm, even at max volume. Let alone from anywhere else in the house. Cannot even hear it from outside of that 20 sq ft bedroom’s window.

Eufy When you will reply to your customers? More topics of the outdoor siren are older than one year.

Latest reply: (thanks to @joh757 )

For your info I received following message from Eufy on 2/15/2021

I can confirm with you currently that the outdoor siren is in our plan now as we understand this is a great feature for alarm system’s whole performance. Sincerely sorry that we cannot provide a time when it will be available, we are continuing evaluating the market demands and possibilities.

So months farther… any news? Eufy has a topic but doesnt reply on any topic with specific time release etc.... (take the new way of solo release date a few days ago what wasnt releasing on the day itself).