Alarm op camera icm tijd en deursensor

Ik wil het camera alarm activeren tijdens de afwezigheid status als de deur met de sensor geopend wordt.

Kan dit en zo ja hoe?
Groet Jos

Hello Jos, this is an English forum, please use English from now on.

As for your question, you can do this using the automation tab in the security modes section.
Set up an automation with trigger ‘door opened’ and then select the cameras to sound the alarm on.

Thanks John. If I do that then I think that the alarm will be triggert in the at home AND off home modus. Because I can’t find in the automation where I can fill in the time period or home or not at home option!

Right. I remember. For the door sensor you have to make it sound the homebase alarm.
Then in the automation tab as the trigger you have to select ‘when homebase alarm activated’ then ‘camera alarm’.

This way you can specify for the door sensor to only sound the homebase alarm in away mode.

Oké thanks again John I’m goiing to install this