Alarm on phone instead of notification

Is there (or will there be) a way to make your phone have an alarm instead of just a notification when motion is detected?

Its pretty easy to not hear a notification that only sounds for a second so it would be handy to have an option to have your phone go into an alarm that continues to sound until you pick up the phone and cancel it.

My homebase is far from my bedroom, so I can sleep through a notification and I dont want the homebase alarm to go off. So if my phone alarmed, then I wouldnt sleep through the notification.


That’s my request as well. Alarm on the phone should be essential on a security system


Same request I can’t believe they haven’t replied nor have a solution for this already!

I have the same request. In fact, I think the phone app should allow you to have the option to set a continuous or intermittent notification in addition to a one-time notification. If a break-in occurs, it requires immediate attention. A continuous notification, whether a sound print or vibration, will distinguish this from say a text message. This signals an alert. It is after all an emergency and the reason for installing the product in the first place.

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Same here. The latter idea on continuous or repeated notifications is really good. I hope this function will be added soon.