Alarm Keypad requires clear line of sight to HomeBase. Is this normal?

My alarm keypad loses its connection to the HomeBase if it doesn’t have a clear line of sight. I’ve found that almost any obstruction, even an empty cardboard box, will cause a dropped connection.

Is this normal? It doesn’t seem right to me.

I usually have the HomeBase in a cupboard in the hallway and my 2C cameras outdoors have no problems staying connected. I’ve tried moving the HomeBase around my house with no success. Currently I have it on the floor in the hallway around 3m from the keypad and it works, but only as long as nobody leaves anything on the floor nearby.

I’m planning to mount the HomeBase high on the wall once I get a get a bracket 3D printed for it, but the poor connection to the keypad still concerns me.

The keypad uses 915 Mhz to communicate with the homebase. I have 2 of them and haven’t noticed any restrictions on where I place them. I do have my homebase mounted fairly high, but the farthest keypad is about 40 feet away with two walls in between and a 10 foot elevation drop.

I tried using a shoebox to shield my keypad, but the farthest one still worked fine. Sounds like something is wrong with yours.

First thing I would do is make sure its charged. You could check the battery icon, but its probably better to just plug it into the homebase for a while and charge it. The Led on the bottom should turn red when charging and turn to solid blue when fully charged.

If charging doesn’t help, there is a reset hole on the bottom of the keypad. I haven’t used it, so can’t tell you whether that will wipe your combinations or custom button setups. A paper clip can be used to trigger the reset.

If all this doesn’t work, contact support at or use chat or phone.

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This is not normal. Mine are both behind a wall and one is even about 15meters away from the homebase.
As preset said, contact support. It could be the keypad or homebase that has a faulty antenna.

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Good call. Just plug it in. My batt icon showed “full” but my keypad was acting up last week. The keypad was dead. A good charge and was back to normal.

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Thanks @preset, @John0, and @chefrd.

I think the cardboard boxes and other obstructions might have been a red herring - I’ve done some testing piling up objects around the HomeBase and it doesn’t seem to result in more disconnections, but I do still have occasional disconnections even with a clear line of sight.

I have tried fully charging the keypad, resetting it a couple of times, and re-pairing it with the Home Base. The disconnections seem to have been less frequent since I posted and performed all those steps but I’m not great at keeping records because I generally only notice the disconnections when I’m leaving the house or arriving home.

One thing I have noticed is that sometimes when the motion sensor activates the keypad it appears to be connected (blue LED) but as soon as I change modes it changes to disconnected (red LED).

I’ve contacted Eufy support and I’ll post here if I have any updates.

Been looking for a solution and found this post.

Im in same boat, tried recharge, reset, etc. Even in line of sight it would only sometimes work (10% of time). Eufy support isnt that great either.

I ended up returning mine for a refund, this isnt reliable enough, even the manual states stuff about removing interference from the keypad and bringing it closer to the homebase. Sorry but thats not realistic or practical. Me thinks this should link up via wifi instead just like all the eufy cameras.

Back to drawing board for v2 me thinks.