Alarm delay with 2CPro and keypad does not work

I’ve just installed my extended camera system w/ Doorbell Duo, 2 2C Peo, one keypad and an extra doorbell. I have one camera that oversees the entry door from the inside. I have set an alarm delay of 30 seconds to enter the building and to type the code to change the alarm settings. But it doesn’t work properly. As soon as I enter the building the alarm turns on. It seems that the delay only works for the base. But the alarm of the 2C Pro still starts. It’s very annoying. Any tips or is this a “feature” @AnkerSupport?

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I’ve got the same problem. I’m tempted to use the automations part and turn off the camera alarms and instead use the automations to sound the cam alarms should the homebase alarm sound.

I’m not sure if the movement detection off the cameras observe the timer delay either but it’s worth testing.

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