Alarm delay sound (beep) muting


I have a homebase 2 with 2C camera’s and a new keypad. I’m trying to setup the custom mode for the keypad to a mode I created for the night. Basically, it engages the camera’s outside and downstairs, but leaves the one in the corridor upstairs uncharged, so that we can freely walk around.

But, when I engage the custom mode on the keypad, it starts to give me some kind of countdown beep. The volume of that one is fine, but the Homebase does the same thing much louder. Waking the kids, ofcourse.

Can I disable the beep on the homebase during countdowns?


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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it won’t help because the keypad is next to the front door, which is next to the stairs. If I would not have a delay, I would set of the alarm each and every time I put it into night mode.

I’m starting to think I will need a second keypad upstairs, but feels a bit an expensive move for a use case that in my opinion is quite common.

Thanks for thinking with me.
A second keypad would allow me to get rid of the leave delay, as I will be out of reach from the active camera’s. But feels a bit like me spending money to work around a common request.