Alarm delay not working on automation

Hi community!

When I set the system in AWAY mode, I have an alarm delay set for 15s. At the same time, I have an automation set as: when hallway sensor gets triggered, camera recording + alarm on living room camera turns on.

Same issue for the automation: when living room camera detects motion, record & sound alarm on backyard garden camera.

Somehow this automation ignores the alarm delay I have set for the away mode. The camera alarm goes off right away.

Am I missing out on something here? Or is it a flaw?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Try setting it this way.

When motion is triggered on camera in away mode. Set Homebase alarm and recording. Then in the automation when the Homebase alarm is triggered, then trigger the alarm on the camera.

Automations are not filtered by Security. They work regardless of everything else. This appears to be an intentional design choice. I can see reasons for making it this way to make things more fail-safe, but there are probably equally valid reasons to allow other settings, like Security modes, to modify the Automation.

As long as you understand the way Automations work, you can usually work around their limitations.