Alarm and indoor cam pan & tilt 1 button to activated?

Hello from the Netherlands :smiley:

I have the alarm security system and also the indoor cam 2k pan & tilt.
Is it possible if you turn on the alarm ( keypad or app ) that the camera is also activated?

If I leave now I have to go to 2 settings ( app ) to turn on the alarm and the cam
Or use keypad for alarm and the app for the cam turn on…

Thanks in advance,

Greetings John.


The answer as of today is … no.
Will it ever? Probably not but fingers crossed.
I’m guessing the next generation Hombase will allow indoor and outdoor stuff to work together. Just not sure if it will be backward compatible.


I do have your home on my bucket list to visit soon.

If you read some of the other post you won’t have to look very hard to find endless thoughts on this.