ALAM KEYPAD - Trigger delay also for open sensor

I also triggered support for this wish but to see whether these is more people who would appreciate this feature.

-Keypad installed next to front door
-Sensors although the house
-Front door sensor set delay on 30 seconds.

While I’m putting kids in the car, or putting stuff in the car, the front door is open, now when i try to arm the alarm while the front door is open, it won’t let me arm the system because the front door is open.

Would be a nice feature to be able to arm the alarm with the delayed sensor(door in this case) is open.

My previous alarm(iSmartalarm) had this feature and worked like a charm.

Eufy Support reaction:

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. At the current stage, we have to close the door to be able to set the alarm. Then opening the door again to leave the home. We understand that it has caused much inconvenience for you, but we have passed on your feedback to our product team. They will take this into serious consideration based on all customers’ feedback.

so, is there anyone else who would like this to be in one of the next software releases? Looks like a small change for them.

Yes please, it’s a pain to set the alarm and then have to press the tick just to confirm what I already know.

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