AI Vehicle detection —- am I the only one?

I really need to trigger recordings and notifications for vehicles AND humans during daylight hours. ( all motion is great at night )

Currently sunlight and wind thru my trees sends my notifications crazy. Human only is not an option. I need to record vehicle movement. If I could turn human only “on” for certain times of the day ( but only for specific cameras on certain modes ). That would sort of work. Yuck. But not currently possible.

Best would be vehicle AI. ( or any large trackable object with persistent motion ). I do know that my cams track moving objects very well. I have a very long driveway… my cams will track cars and people all the way down the drive before cutting the recording.

I understand my cam batteries would take a hit for this AI as it would need to power up and watch the image for a few seconds to see if it was a trackable moving object before the AI could make that decision to record. I am SO ok with that.

Currently my “fix” is to use all motion and use scheduling to turn off the problem cameras during the time that the sun is causing the false recordings. Ugh!!!

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i would not hold my breath for vechile ai. as a work around you might try experimenting with activity zones and motion sensitivity. the balance of focused detection and sensitivity might work better then nothing. it might also help with the false alarms from trees & bushes.

I am holding my breath for improved activity zones. After much experimenting with the zones I found them not of value. I turned them off on all cameras.

I tried pointing those cams down to just hit the top of the vehicles on the top of the cams view. Motion sensors only work on the lower half of the cams screen. No recordings.

Right now Im experimenting with one of my indoor cams (2c) outside as an expensive waterproof motion sensor to trigger the main camera. Ugh again

Do other outdoor camera systems have vehicle detection as an option?

I second this… I have played with multiple zone setups. Would love to see a AI vehicle detection. Right now it’s either motion or human. Motion triggers everything… wanted and unwanted, mostly unwanted.

My cams will record a baby bunny the size of a softball… and will miss a 1 ton truck with a 15 ft trailer behind it. … all the way up my 500 ft driveway and pulling directly under the cams view. Really???

Can I buy some of the AI software designers lunch please!?! We can chat about the difference between a softly swaying tree in the wind and a giant moving object that would kill me.