Ai tracking with cam3 vs cam 2 connected to homebase 3

Eufy homebase 3 has bionic ai chip. I have a home base 3 but only have cam 2 and 2c pros connected to it. I have seen that the homebase does identify people and particularly person’s quite well but it’s still quite average with pets.
My question is, is the bionic ai work better with the 4k camera then it does with the 1080p or 2k cameras?
Will the clearer picture help??

my guess is no. it is more likely an ai issue. your hope now is that eufy continues to update the ai firmware to better recognize your pets.i would get in touch with eufy and give them your feedback so they are made aware of your issue.

Hmm good point, I might go that. Hopefully they update to allow separation between detection settings and notification settings.
It would be ok if I could keep detect all motion on but only be notified for person detections.