Advertisement on App

Take off the advertisement when we use the app.
I want to look at my cameras and boom. Freakn advertisement pops up… I don’t need to see that…


Agree, just show it once. This is very disgusting. Already want to change to another brand.


What advertisements are you talking about? I seem to have latest eufysecurity app and I dont see ads other than those “pinned” in the beginning on community page, no pop-ups. :thinking:

@mar10279 Whatever you’re doing right, keep it that way, lol.


I think the majority of users complaining are on iOS, at least what I have noticed recently. I’m on Android and do not have the issue on latest eufy app.

Came here to write about the same thing. Every time the app launches now, the ad pops up. That is not right. The app should never show ads automatically. If you want to put a little notification dot on the menu that we can tap on to announce there is a sale going on, fine. But popups should be forbidden. :angry:


So this affects Android users as well, I’ve not got the issue (yet?) but that is not to say it may be heading my way :worried:

I’ve just checked for any updates for the app but none is available, currently on 3.3.2_1074(EU).

@xstealthyx Mine stopped this morning!! So I’m guessing it was something on their end because I didn’t change anything.

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I’m on iOS and I emailed customer service.
They said they would forward my request and I would be removed from receiving future pop ups……

Got my first Ad this morning, tried a few more times re-opening app and no ad displayed. Eufy app on same version. Will see how annoying this could get.

Do not remember any ads. I am on androids.

I’m sick of Eufy ads in the app! I want to see my devices, not ads to buy more cr@p with no support. Boo, Eufy! Do better.

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They’re still pushing that HB3 full screen ad ever so often when you open the app.

Now they got a new survey banner pop up to slow the app down even more & annoy you!

Tapping on it opens up your web browser to a Google doc.

It’s a bit difficult to close it out because the X is tiny.
This is the second one I received in a week.

I don’t mind you asking to fill out a survey but, please don’t put it within the app. You have my email address so send it there. Stop ruining the app with this nonsense and spend more time on fixing what you have broken in the two previous updates.