Adding second camera to Surveillancestation (Synology) fail - same live stream?

A couple of weeks ago when I first set up the cameras they worked fine with NAS software and I think they used a “live0” AND a "live1"stream. I had a issue with lots of events being recorded (and alerted) so I tested back and forth. Finally I realised that the NAS Surveillance software also had alert settings triggering recordings. Now I managed to switch that of for one camera but I could not reconnect to the second camera.
At some point there was a firmware upgrade for camera (2.6.2) and homestation (
I removed the camera from NAS and tried to re-add but it did not work. I noted that it had the same live stream link as the first camera. I also noted that setting a password did not apply to both cameras (although the app states so)
So I removed both cameras from HomeStation and re-started from scratch.

  1. Re-added first camera, changed the password and set up rtsp stream to NAS (live0) works perfect
  2. Adding second camera works fine with Homestation BUT wont 't add to Surveillance station in NAS.
    Still is same issue with the mobile app stating the camera to be same live stream as the first camera.
    Is the really the way it should be? What am I missing?

(Note. Surveillance station is liscenced for 2 cameras)

Same problem here!

As of August, 2021, Eufy told me that they do not have any support information available for Synology Surveillance Station, even though they claim that in a Eufy document you can read. All I got was “We’re sorry.” Especially troublesome are the major issues with the 2K cameras that make them undiscoverable by RTSP and ONVIF. I gave up on using Eufy cameras and moved on to a different brand of camera that is known to work…THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!