Adding Features to Alexa Echo Show/Spot & Google Home Hub

Are their plans for adding more features for showing doorbell content on an Alex Show/Google Home Hub? I just purchased the wired doorbell and Alexa Show 8 and while it does show the doorbell video on the show, it takes about 5 secs and doesn’t seem to have any other features. I am hoping for additional features like IFTT, two way audio capability, options around motion detection vs. doorbell rings, and Alexa/Roku/Eufy where I could tell my Alexa to show the doorbell on Roku!

If these features exist, please share some links to learn more - if not, please share any plans around this integration!


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Thank you for reaching out! @JJ129

For the IFTTT feature, we sincerely sorry to let you know it won’t be supported in the short term.

We totally understand that our product is not perfect. You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

For the Alexa issue, please send some more information to so we can further assist you.

We will consider the possibility of future development. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

Completely agree with this post/ concern. Really need to improvement on smart device functionalities especially for alexa. It will be a game changer and will take over smart doorbell industry due to image, hw, and app quality.

There are some 3rd party apps on Firetv and Roku that will let you view ip cameras including eufy. Search ip cameras.

Right now My BRAND NEW THREE EUFY’s not connecting to Alexa AT ALL… might have to return

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I m aslo considering returning as they are shoing in my alexa but not shoing live feed to alexa devices

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