Adding Family and Guest

Hi all,

I have successfully added my wireless doorbell system and one indoor cam few weeks ago. Today I want to add my sister to b guest of the wireless doorbell and I have sent her an invitation. She has setup according to the instruction but once she has installed the home base , my primary home base and the doorbell devices have both disappeared immediately. I was so panic and my sister immediately forget that home base device in her app. After all these drama I tried to reinstall the home base and the doorbell on my primary device. Unfortunately the home base didn’t accept my installation. I have tried to reset the home base but still not working . Can anyone give me some advice? Million thanks

Sounds like you must have given her Admin access. She probably fat-fingered something and erased your devices from the account. First thing to do is go into Family and Guest and remove her access. Then reset your homebase and try to re-add it. You may have to wait 24 hours to re-add the homebase or get support to do it for you. Once you have your devices back and working, re-add her account with Guest access only. She will be able to see the devices but not mess with their configuration.