Adding a second Hub

Hi, I’ve just setup some of my devices and wondering if it’s possible to add a second hub? And what would be the benefit of doing this? I have an additional hub I could use but would like to know if it’s needed. I currently have 2 doorbells, 2 security lights, 2 outdoor cameras, 3 door sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1 360 camera and 1 indoor camera. Not looking to add anything else and after 1 day it seems to be working ok. Thanks

If you are talking about the Homebase, You aren’t even close to capacity on the one you have. There isn’t any advantage to using 2 homebases unless you have range issues or too many devices. The last numbers I heard for the homebase were 16 devices plus another 16 sensors. The disadvantage of using multiple homebases is you can’t controll all your devices with Modes and automations won’t work across multiple homebases. There is talk that this may be fixed in future, but no timetable on when this would be.


@Ste556 I agree…in my opinion with what you have (4 sensors, 2 door bells and 2 outside cams) on one base is more than enough. Like @pysailr mentioned, unless you have range issues or you add more cameras in the future, you should be fine.

However, with that being said, I do have multiple bases for my setup. Range issues was the primary reason for adding my additional bases. Later it become easier to setup certain areas differently (backyard, front, side, porch, etc). Plus, since the alarms are not the loudest on the base, I wanted the base closer to the areas they were covering so they could also be heard from the entry points. Meaning in the past my front base would not be heard if someone broke in through our backyard. But as mentioned…each base only communicates with the devices that are connected to it. At this point, the bases do not work together.


ahh, if this were only true. yes eufy advertised 16 cameras on a single homebase but long ago have backtracked to no more then 5 cameras . now this applies to the homebase 2. i would think it also applies to the hb1. the op gave no mention of the cameras or homebase models he is using.

I have 6 cams, 1 doorbell, 4 sensors and 2 keypads on my system for 4 months without any issues. I have 2 other cams that are spares that I have been experimenting with and have had on the same homebase. Also have 3 indoor cams that don’t use the homebase.

I haven’t seen any limitation for the homebase or the app. Live view works on all of them in 2-3 seconds and notifications are in the same range.

I have never seen any info from Eufy that says you can’t have the 16 camera and 16 sensors working on the same homebase. There a several Reddit users that have 10 or more cams connected. There is a 4 camera limit for Homekit.

here is just 1 of many threads on the subject (Homebase2 camera limit). i’m not saying on an individual basis more then 4/5 cameras can be used on 1 homebase, i have heard some have their setup working with as many as 8, but in general eufy support will tell you , no more then 5.

I originally had 10 2C cameras connected to one Homebase 2, Had problems live streaming, various problems viewing motion video alerts, random missed notifications. Questioned Eufy about the 16 cameras per one Homebase, was advised to connect no more than 5 cameras per Homebase. I purchased another Homebase 2, now have 2 Homebase 2’s both with 5 connected cameras and no longer have any issues. Hope this helps.

In the Summer I use to have several issues with too many cameras on one home base. It was another reason why I went with several bases around the house to help with these problems. Since then, I have added additional cameras (max is 9 on one base) with no issues with motions, notifications, or live streaming. That all ended with their 2.3.0 app update in December. Now it feels like June all over again. My biggest COMPLAINT is not the cameras, but with Eufy’s updates (app, camera, bases)!!

Competency, cohesiveness, and the lack of trying out their own products to test BEFORE going live is causing lots of issues. I’ve been in this community for over 6 months and there has been complaints in the past. But I feel we’re at a new level of issues.